HindSight - Winter 2021

Digitalisation and human performance
Cover of HighSight issue 33 - winter 2021

Welcome to issue 33 of EUROCONTROL’s HindSight magazine, the magazine on human and organisational factors in operations, in air traffic management and beyond. This issue is on the theme of Digitalisation and Human Performance.

It includes a wide variety of articles from front-line staff and specialists in technology, change, safety, human factors, and human and organisational performance in aviation. There are also insights from healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The articles reflect the possibilities for digitalisation and human performance, and the challenges for individuals, teams, organisations, regulators, industries, and societies.

"The ATM world needs to embark quickly on Digitalisation 2.0, if not already, or else risk being disrupted and losing the market."

Tony Licu Head of Safety Unit EUROCONTROL

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HindSight 33 - Winter 2021