HindSight - Winter 2020

Learning from everyday work
Highsight issue 31 - winter 2020 cover

Welcome to issue 31 of EUROCONTROL’s HindSight magazine. Over the last few issues, HindSight has evolved toward a more general focus on human and organisational factors in operations. This edition also included a special supplement titled 'Learning through COVID-19'.

"Watching how the work happens first-hand provides managers with a vivid picture of how your organisation is performing. Furthermore, it’s the best way to correct mistakes, offer guidance on how tasks can be better completed, gauge efficiency and analyse any problems that may occur... Don’t wait for an incident; if you stop learning, you stop leading.

Tony Licu Director Network Management EUROCONTROL

We have included different perspectives on work-as-imagined and work-as-done, collaboration, competency and expertise, change, goal conflicts and trade-offs, and wellbeing. What unites all of these issues is ‘work’ and in this issue we focus on ‘learning from everyday work’.

In this issue we have the usual blend of articles from front-line staff and specialists in safety, human factors, and human and organisational performance, in aviation and elsewhere. The articles cover all aspects of everyday work, including routine work, unwanted events, and excellence. The authors discuss a variety of ways to learn from everyday work, including observation, discussion, surveys, reflection, and data analysis. There are articles on specific topics to help learn from others’ experience, including from other sectors in ‘views from elsewhere’. Here you will find reflections on human performance in elite sport, and articles on learning in healthcare, shipping, and firefighting.

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HindSight 31 - Winter 2020
HindSight 31 - Special Supplement