HindSight - Winter 2019

Goal conflicts and trade-offs
The cover page of the 29th issue of Hindsight.

Welcome to this latest issue of Hindsight. In our winter edition, we cover the topic of how reaching our goals - safety, lowering emissions, increasing capacity, or improving cost-effectiveness - may sometimes require taking conflicting steps and how to address such challenging situations. 

"I have learned over the years that goal conflicts and trade-offs apply in every aspect of air traffic management, from tower controller decisions on optimum use of the runway, to national and European level decisions about routes and airspace... To be effective in balancing the different goals, we have to communicate and collaborate effectively at all levels. HindSight is part of that."

Our diverse set of articles from air traffic controllers, pilots, decision-makers and academics will help you with:

  • What goals influence human and system behaviour?
  • How do they affect us and the aviation system more generally?
  • What trade-offs do we need to make to resolve the dilemmas that we face?
  • How does safety fit into the picture and how can we talk about these issues openly?

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HindSight 29 - Winter 2019