HindSight - Summer 2023

Just Culture... Revisited
HindSight #35 - Summer 2023 - cover

Welcome to issue 35 of EUROCONTROL’s HindSight magazine, the magazine on human and organisational factors in operations, in air traffic management and beyond. This issue is on the theme of Just Culture...Revisited.

Once again you will find a diverse set of articles from a diverse set of authors in the context of aviation, maritime, rail and healthcare. The articles reflect Just Culture at the corporate and judicial levels from the perspectives of personal experience, professional practice, theory, research, regulation, and law.

"Just Culture helps our industry, our organisations, and our teams perform because it allows people to speak up, learn from mistakes, and improve – do better. Whatever we call it, we need to create the right environment."

Tony Licu Head of Safety Unit EUROCONTROL

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HindSight 35 - Summer 2023