HindSight - Spring 2020

Highsight issue 30 - spring 2020

Welcome to Issue 30 of HindSight magazine – the EUROCONTROL magazine on the safety of air traffic management. The theme of this Issue is ‘Wellbeing’, which has an undeniable link to safe operations, though this is not often spoken about.

This Issue coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors of the articles in this Issue were considering wellbeing in the context of aviation, and other industries. But the articles touch on topics that are deeply relevant to the pandemic. The spread of the virus and its effect on our everyday lives has brought the biological, psychological, social, environmental, and economic aspects of wellbeing into clear view in a way we have never seen before.

With HindSight, we hope to help support conversations about wellbeing, not only now during the coronavirus pandemic, but after coronavirus. Please let your operational and non-operational colleagues know about this Issue of HindSight.

The next Issue is on ‘Learning from Everyday Work’. What have you, your peers and your organisation learned by paying attention to what goes on in everyday work, whether things go well or not so well? Let us know, in a few words or more, for Issue 31 of HindSight magazine.


HindSight 30 - Spring 2020