High level summary report on preliminary air traffic management cost-effectiveness (ACE) 2018 data

This document comprises preliminary data which are subject to changes before the publication of the final ACE 2018 benchmarking report in May 2020

The ACE benchmarking work is carried out by the Performance Review Commission (PRC) supported by the EUROCONTROL Performance Review Unit (PRU) and is based on information provided by Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) in compliance with Decision No. 88 of the Permanent Commission of EUROCONTROL on economic information disclosure. The data processing, analysis and reporting are conducted with the assistance of the ACE Working Group, which comprises representatives from participating ANSPs, airspace users, regulatory authorities and the Performance Review Unit. This enables participants to share experiences and establish a common understanding of underlying assumptions and limitations of the data. The objective of this document is to provide a first insight on the level of 2018 cost-effectiveness performance both for the Pan-European system and for individual ANSPs before the release of the ACE 2018 benchmarking report, which is planned end of May 2020. The figure below illustrates the timeline for the production of the ACE 2018 benchmarking report.


ACE high level summary report for 2018