High Level Network Concept of Operations CONOPS 2029

High Level Network Concept of Operations CONOPS 2029 cover

This High Level Network Concept of Operation 2029 has been developed in line with the content and direction of the Network Strategy Plan (NSP) 2020-2029 (approved through Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/2167 of 17.12.2019), as the second level of operationalization of NSP defining at CONOPS level the activities towards implementation of the NSP.

The Network CONOPS 2029 should serve for multiple purposes as:

  • Provide a common high-level view of the target European network operations by 2029
  • Addresses all the network components as per their definition in the NF IR
  • Necessary for:
    • Agreement between the operational stakeholders on the operational environment;
    • Further update Operational Roadmaps;
    • For Strategic Network Projects;
    • For the roadmaps included in the NOP;
    • For iNM;
    • NM Services roadmap;
    • Provide high level agreement with the concerned Stakeholders on the operationalization of the NSP for RP3/RP4;
    • Does not only focus on Network Functions and Tasks – it addresses also the interface with ATC;
    • Overall view of the infrastructure required – not only iNM;
  • High Level Implementation Roadmap description;
  • Overall detailed implementation planning will be through the NOP.

This document was approved by NMB/34 on 5 July 2022 (after agreements by NETOPS and NDOP).


High Level Network Concept of Operations CONOPS 2029