Guidelines for the annotation of data not compliant with Commission Regulation (EU) No 73/2010 (ADQ)

Commission Regulation (EU) 73/20101 (ADQ) Article 7(2) requires that ‘Aeronautical information service providers shall ensure that aeronautical data and aeronautical information items published in their AIPs are annotated to indicate those that do not meet the data quality requirements of this regulation’.

This Regulation shall be applied as from 1st July 2013 for all the aeronautical data and information published or modified after this date [Article 15(1)]. However, the Regulation also provides a transitional provision which allows an extended period, until the 30th June 2017, to bring in line the aeronautical data and information published before the 1st July 2013 [Article 14(2)].

Why annotate?

It is because of this transitional period that AISP shall include an annotation for all data and aeronautical information items which are not yet published in accordance with the data quality requirements as defined by ADQ. The aim of such an annotation is to notify the users of the AIP including its data that specific quality requirements are not met and may, therefore, compel limitations in the operational use of the relevant data.


Guidelines for the AIP Annotation of ADQ non compliances