Guidance on Integrated Briefing

This document  presents guidelines for the output and presentation of integrated Pre-flight Information Bulletins (iPIB) that include AIS, MET, Flow and FPL elements.

The document defines the types of information to be included in each type of PIB, the basic rules and filters used for customisation and samples for the presentation of an iPIB. This document is one of the outputs of EUROCONTROL’s Integrated Briefing project, established as part of the AIS AHEAD programme to assist in the future development of briefing facilities, so that access to the necessary information, irrespective of source, is improved.


Briefing is the process during which a pilot is supplied or supplies himself with all relevant aeronautical information (AI) in order to plan or to execute a flight or to obtain generic information related to flights. This document was developed within the framework of EUROCONTROL’s Integrated Briefing project, with the aim to facilitate the development of briefing facilities that improve information accessibility and the efficiency of briefing processes


All Integrated Briefing documentation collected into one ZIP-file