GNSS Multi-constellation solutions for State aircraft

Flight test campaign specifications

This flight test campaign (FTC) focuses on the following specifications:

  • performance assessment on State aircraft operating in a PBN environment on the basis of the use of GNSS restricted signals;
  • an FTC context-definition, based on PBN environment dictated by the levels of navigation performance described in ICAO Doc 9613 (PBN Manual);
  • State aircraft equipage scenarios delineated in a previous military GNSS study;
  • required instrumentation and resources (e.g. multi-constellation GNSS receiver relying on restricted signals), State aircraft modifications and associated certification materials;
  • flight trial scenarios (i.e. ‘no cost constraint’ solution, ‘best value for money’ solution, ‘minimum cost’ solution) and inherent cost assessments for both transport-type and fighter military aircraft

Background information

The study was conducted in the first half of 2016 with a view to describing the operational context and system options for the integration of State aircraft into a Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) operational environment by:

  •  integrating results from a previous military study on GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System): Multi-constellation Precise Signals for State Aircraft;
  •  providing a detailed and comprehensive State aircraft Flight Trial Campaign (FTC) specification, when using GNSS restricted signals for navigation in a PBN (Performance Based Navigation) application context and in a mixed-mode environment.

The outcome of this study led to a technical contribution to SESAR Project 9.27 (Multi-constellation GNSS Airborne Navigation Systems).
The flight trial campaign was aimed at the subsequent potential integration and execution of multi-constellation GNSS airborne navigation systems in the SESAR 2020 Work Programme – Very Large Scale Demonstrations or any other relevant validation/demonstration initiatives.


GNSS Multi-constellation Solutions for State Aircraft: Flight Test Campaign Specifications