'FTDI' Solution

Final approach Target Distance Indicator
'FTDI' Solution - cover

This document presents an operational solution for enhanced arrival runway throughput thanks to the use of the Final approach Target Distance Indicator (FTDi) supporting Air Traffic Controller in efficient traffic separation delivery, and also enabling application of most complex separation scheme.

The 'FTDi' solution is a by-product of the Time-Based Separation (TBS) on final approach (developed under the SESAR1 programme as Solution #64), however simplified as directly representing the distance-based separation minimum.

The FTDi displays the separation or spacing distance minimum on the final approach path to the Approach and Tower Traffic Controllers. It displays the largest separation or spacing constraints taking into consideration all applicable constraints, i.e., Surveillance / Radar, Wake Turbulence longitudinal or diagonal (under dependent parallel approaches) separation constraints, or spacing constraints such as Runway Occupancy Time, or gap under mixed mode runway operations.

This visualisation primarily offers safety enhancement as an aid to the ATCO for conforming to the separation minima.

The FTDi design will be integrated fully into the existing surveillance display of the Controller Working Position. It requires a limited update of the Approach and Tower ATC system HMI, and can enable and facilitate the application of advanced separation schemes such as wake RECAT-EU or ROCAT (category-based), as well as their pair-wise version (RECAT-EU-PWS and iROT), further contributing to increase of the arrival runway throughput.


'FTDI' Solution