Free Route Airspace (FRA) Design Guidelines

This document outlines the necessary steps needed to be taken in order to ensure the required level of compatibility of NMOC systems with envisaged flight planning procedures in the scope of free route operations.

It contains provisions supplementary to those described in the ERNIP, Part 1, Chapter 6, Section 6.5 FRA Concept and relevant for the entire process of NMOC FRA Operational Validation and NMOC FRA system processing.

This Document contains the explanation of how NMOC systems process FRA. How to express FRA in NMOC systems by using the existing airspace utilisation rules and availability restrictions, as well as what shall be presented to NM in order for it to perform FRA Operational Validation.

This Document supersedes any previous versions of FRA Concept Application Guidelines issued by NM.


Free Route Airspace (FRA) Design Guidelines