FPFDE NFPM Implementation Guidelines

Volume 1
FPFDE NFPM Implementation Guidelines - cover

The achieve greater capacity within a finite airspace, there is a need for greater precision, higher granularity and improved sharing of commonly used data, in particular, with respect to predicted flight trajectories. New technologies are key in supporting this objective and represent new paradigms in capabilities for ATM service enhancements, facilitating greatly improved potential for Collaborative Decision Making.

These changes are endorsed globally and need to be translated into the European NM FPFDE context.

These guidelines are part of a set of three FPFDE documents:

  • The FPFDE Network Flight Plan Management Implementation Strategy
  • Volume 1 of these guidelines (this document)
  • Volume 2 of these guidelines

They provide guidance for the first stages of the implementation, relating primarily to the Pre-Departure Flight Planning/Filing activities and the new procedures that will be introduced under FF-ICE/R1. This includes detailed guidance and requirements on the new flight planning services, processes, procedures and data that the NM will need to provide/support.

Unlike the ICAO global guidelines, this document & its companion documents only address the European detail, and the focus is on what the NM will need to implement. Outline information on the total FF-ICE global concepts/objectives is referred to, where needed, but without detail, unless it is specific to European NM operations. The ATC-to-ATC services and procedures are an important part of the overall European initiatives, but are not within the scope of this document, unless there are some implementation implications for NM.

The scope of the guidance and requirements included is restricted to flights with IFR/GAT Route/Trajectory segments that will be conducted wholly or partly in the IFPZ.


FPFDE NFPM Implementation Guidelines