Flight Progress Messages (FPM) document

This document contains a description of Flight Progress Messages messages from and to systems external to the EUROCONTROL Network Manager.

It contains both messages from/to the Integrated initial Flight Plan Processing System (IFPS) to/from the Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System (ETFMS) and the Centralised SSR Code Assignment and Management System (CCAMS).

Flight Progress Messages are messages, which inform the NM about the progress of airborne or almost airborne flights. It also includes message such as AFP, APL, FSA, EFD, DPI, CAM, COR…

The purpose of this document is to provide users outside the NM with a detailed description of the NM Flight Progress Messages.

The intended audience is air navigation service providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators (AOs) and others who plan to implement message exchange with the NM in ATM systems.

This document will be distributed to who ever wishes to have a description of these NM messages.


Flight Progress Messages (FPM) document