A Flight Plan for military “Operational Air Traffic”

Initial deployment in Europe in support of mission effectiveness and airspace capacity
A Flight Plan for military “Operational Air Traffic” - cover

The Single European Sky is the EC’s response to airspace congestion. The SES concept builds upon harmonised cross border arrangements including Air Traffic Control and flow management procedures to increase capacity, flight efficiency and to reduce cost for all airspace users.

The future SES shall cater for the needs of all airspace users, including the Military. Efficient integration of military flights into ATM network operations will bring benefits to the overall ATM network performance. However, the SES Regulations only govern the provision of services for aircraft operating as general air traffic (GAT).

They do not define any specific requirements nor do they stipulate any criteria with regard to the provision of services for military airspace users, especially when flying as operational air traffic (OAT).

The iOAT FPL is a critical element developed by SESAR to harmonize the procedures for cross border transit of aircraft including RPAS and test flights, which cannot follow all standard civil IFR rules (GAT).

In coordination with EUROCONTROL, Belgium, Germany and France have accepted to be the pilot States for the iOAT flight plan initial implementation.


A Flight Plan for military “Operational Air Traffic”