Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) AMC/CADF Operations Manual

This manual provides guidance to the Airspace Management Cell (AMC) and the EUROCONTROL/NM Centralised Airspace Data Function (CADF) personnel to help them perform their daily tasks and to prepare and release the consolidated European Airspace Use Plan (EAUP) and European Updated Airspace Use Plan(s) (EUUP(s).

The manual describes the basic principles, timeframes and working procedures. It should be considered as an operational attachment to the EUROCONTROL Network Operations Handbook, but it will be maintained independently.


In case of conflict or contradiction of data between this manual and the EUROCONTROL European Route Network Implementation Plan (ERNIP) Part 3 - Airspace Management (ASM) Handbook - the ERNIP is the reference and this manual should be aligned. Deviation could be accepted as FTIs only.


FUA AMC/CADF Operations Manual - Edition 18.0 - Validity date: 10/12/2023
FUA AMC/CADF Operations Manual - Edition 17.0 - Validity date: 10/11/2022