European Route Network Improvement Plan (ERNIP) - Monitoring Report - AIRAC 1907

ERNIP Monthly report cover

Our monthly European route network implementation plan (ERNIP) monitoring report provides an overview of the airspace design improvements applied by States during the past AIRAC cycle and an analysis of their potential and real world effects.

Highlights for AIRAC 1907


projects implemented in AIRACT 1907.


implementing States and organisations.

Potential improvements

If all went to plan, the 144 measures implemented since AIRAC 1807 could have led to:

343,000 NMs

flown less

2,058 tons

less fuel used

6,860 tons

less CO2 emitted



Real-world performance

Based on our filed flight plan indicator, the actual situation during AIRAC 1907 was:

395,000 NMs

flown more

2,370 tons

more fuel used

7,900 tons

more CO2 emitted



Key reasons

Some of the causes that can explain the real-world figures seen above, include: 

  • Geopolitical (Ukraine, Libya and Syria);
  • Staffing (Karlsruhe UAC, Wien ACC, Athens ACC, Bordeaux ACC, Marseille ACC and Nicosia ACC)
  • Capacity (Karlsruhe UAC, Wien ACC, Barcelona ACC and Budapest ACC)
  • Weather (South-East- and North-East Axes)
  • Financial (fluctuation of route charges over Europe)

For more details, download our monitoring report.


Monitoring Report - AIRAC 1907