European Network Operations Plan 2022-2026

Cover of the European Network Operations Plan 2022 - 2026

The Network Operations Plan (NOP) 2022-2026 provides a short to medium-term outlook of how the ATM Network will operate, including expected performance at network and local level.

It gives details of capacity and flight efficiency enhancement measures planned at network level and by each Area Control Centre (ACC), as well as a description of the airport performance assessment and improvement measures that are planned at those airports that generate a high level of delay.

The NOP describes the operational actions to be taken by the Network Manager and other stakeholders, needed to respond to the performance targets set by the Performance Framework of the Single European Sky (SESII) package. The NOP also provides both a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the impact of these actions on the performance of the European ATM network.


European Network Operations Plan 2022-2026
European Network Operations Plan 2022-2026 - Annexes