European Joint Industry CDA Action Plan

In September 2008, CANSO, IATA and EUROCONTROL signed up to a Flight Efficiency Plan that includes a specific target to increase European CDA performance and achievement.

This was followed in October 2008 by a Memorandum of Understanding between ACI EUROPE and EUROCONTROL to work on a range of collaborative initiatives to improve efficiency at airports, including CDA. These initiatives are in line with the joint-industry agreement to collaborate on environmental issues signed at the Global Summit in Geneva in April 2008 (Aviation Industry Commitment to Action on Climate Change).

Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) offers an early opportunity to save over 150,000 tonnes/year of fuel worth around 100 million Euro per annum1 in ECAC, whilst at the same time reducing CO2 emissions by almost 500,000 tonnes per annum and reducing noise impact on the ground by around 1-5 dB per flight. CDA is a priority requirement of the SESAR Master plan for the IP1 timeframe, to be widespread practice before the end of 2013.

This joint industry CDA Action Plan builds on the above high-level commitments and sets out specific actions to be undertaken by the European Aviation Industry to ensure the rapid deployment of CDA for as many flights as possible.


European Joint Industry CDA Action Plan