European aviation environmental report 2019

European Aviation Environmental Report 2019

This second European aviation environmental report (EAER) provides an updated assessment of the environmental performance of the aviation sector published in the first report of 2016. The continued growth of the sector has produced economic benefits and connectivity within Europe and is stimulating investment in novel technology.

This draws on a wider pool of expertise and innovative approaches from other sectors, thereby creating potential new opportunities to address the environmental impacts from aviation. However, it is recognised that the contribution of aviation activities to climate change, noise and air quality impacts is increasing, thereby affecting the health and quality of life of European citizens.

Significant resources are being invested at both the European and Member State level, as well as by industry, to address this environmental challenge. While improvements are being made across various measures (technology, operations, airports, market-based measures), their combined effect described in this report has not kept pace with the recent strong growth in the demand for air travel, thereby leading to an overall increase in the environmental impact. 

Effective coordination between stakeholders is of the utmost importance to build on existing measures and address the environmental challenges, thus ensuring the long-term success of the aviation sector. This report aims to publish clear, reliable and objective information to inform these discussions and support cooperation within Europe.


European aviation environmental report 2019