European ATM Master Plan - implementation report - level 3 (2019)

MPL3 report

The European ATM Master Plan (hereafter referred to as ‘the Master Plan’) is the main planning tool for setting the ATM priorities and ensuring that the SESAR Target Concept becomes a reality.

The Master Plan is an evolving roadmap and the result of strong collaboration between all ATM stakeholders. As the technological pillar of the SES initiative, SESAR contributes to achieving the SES High-Level Goals and supports the SES regulatory framework.

The Master Plan details not only a high-level view of what is needed to be done in order to deliver a high performing ATM system, but also explains why and by when. It therefore sets the framework for the development activities performed by the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) in the perspective also of the deployment activities to be performed by all operational stakeholders under the coordination of the SESAR Deployment Manager and in accordance with the Deployment Programme to ensure overall consistency and alignment.

The Master Plan is structured in three levels available through the European ATM portal; the Level 3 “Implementation view” contains the Implementation Plan enriched with elements from the Implementation Report fed by elements coming from reporting processes, such as the LSSIP1 (Local Single Sky Implementation).

The Implementation Objectives constitute the backbone of the Level 3 and provide all civil and military implementing parties (ANSPs, Airport Operators, Airspace Users and Regulators) with a basis for short to medium term implementation planning. It also serves as a reference for States/National Supervisory Authorities (NSAs) to fulfill their roles regarding the supervision of safe and efficient provision of air navigation services as well as the timely implementation of SESAR. Together Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan and Report based on LSSIP processes constitute the mechanism that enables the ECAC wide implementation monitoring and planning of the Master Plan – recording benefits, alternative solutions implemented, success stories, problems in implementation, etc.

The structure of 2019 Master Plan Level 3 Report consists of:

  • Executive Summary that highlights the most important findings of the report.
  • Strategic View is the view that provides an overview of implementation progress in 2018, per SESAR Key Feature/Major ATM Changes, and gives an outlook of future developments. This view also includes a set of aggregated elements related to the progress of implementation of the SESAR Solutions.
  • Deployment View is the view that provides a detailed analysis of the implementation progress per Level 3 implementation objective, providing also an expected evolution as well as a list of relevant references showing the multiple interdependencies affecting each individual objective.
  • Annexes provide support documents for easier reading and understanding of the report, mostly mappings between Master Plan elements.

The main information sources for the production of this document remain LSSIP State reports which have been developed based on the provisions of the Master Plan Level 3 2018 Implementation Plan, reflecting the implementation status on 31st December 2018.

The implementation progress in this report is assessed against the implementation dates set in the Master Plan Level 3 2018 Implementation Plan.

The Master Plan Level 3 implementation report 2019 has been delivered.

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ATM Master Plan Level 3 - Report (2019)