European ATM Master Plan - implementation report - level 3

The Master Plan is structured in three levels available through the European ATM portal; the Level 3 “Implementation view” contains the Implementation Plan enriched with elements from the Implementation Report fed by elements coming from reporting processes, such as the LSSIP (Local Single Sky Implementation).

The Implementation Objectives constitute the backbone of the Level 3 and provide all civil and military implementing parties (ANSPs, Airport Operators, Airspace Users and Regulators) with a basis for short to medium term implementation planning. It also serves as a reference for States/National Supervisory Authorities (NSAs) to fulfil their roles regarding the supervision of safe and efficient provision of air navigation services as well as the timely implementation of SESAR.

For the first time ever, the 2022 Report maps the evolution of the Master Plan implementation on the four progressive Phases of the SESAR vision, as defined in the 2020 edition of the Executive view of the Master Plan, for the delivery of a Digital European Sky.

The structure of 2022 Master Plan Level 3 Report (reference year 2021) consists of:

  • Executive Summary that highlights the most important findings of the report, structures per SESAR vision phases as well as per Essential Operational Change;
  • Synoptic View, the view that provides an overview of implementation progress in 2021, per Essential Operational Change (EOC), and gives an outlook of future developments. This view also includes a set of aggregated elements related to the progress of implementation of the SESAR Solutions having been validated by SESAR 1 as well as by SESAR2020 Wave1;
  • Deployment View, the view that provides a detailed analysis of the implementation progress per Level 3 implementation objective, providing also an expected evolution as well as a list of relevant references showing the multiple interdependencies affecting each individual objective. The information is supplemented with several graphical elements showing the achieved implementation progress as well as the expected evolution;
  • Annexes that provide support documents for easier reading and understanding of the report, mostly mappings between Master Plan elements but also a new section providing an exhaustive graphical overview of the current implementation Arrival Management (AMAN) extended to en-route.

The main information sources for the production of this document remain the LSSIP State reports, which have been developed based on the provisions of the Master Plan Level 3 2021 Implementation Plan. The above mentioned State reports reflect the implementation statuses and plans as available on 31 December 2021.

Notwithstanding the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the Master Plan has continued in 2021 and has even increased its pace, with three Implementation Objectives having been completed (COM10.1 - Basic AMHS, FCM09 - Slow Swap and INF10.22 - Flight Information Exchange – Trial Service). Many other Objectives are approaching completion, in particular within the “Fully Dynamic and Optimised Airspace” Essential Operational Change, followed closely by the “ATM Interconnected Network” EOC.

But this is just a glimpse of what you’re going to find in the 2022 Report.

Learn more in the full report.

*The 2022 edition of the report has been approved by SJU in September 2022.


European ATM Master Plan 2022 - Progress report