European ATM Master Plan - implementation plan - level 3 (2019)

This Implementation Plan, together with the Implementation Report, constitute the 'implementation view' or level 3 of the European ATM Master Plan (MP).

The Implementation Plan brings together and provides the framework for the commonly agreed actions to be taken by ECAC stakeholders, in the context of the implementation of SESAR. These actions are consolidated in the form of ‘Implementation Objectives’, addressing those elements in SESAR which have reached the necessary operational and technical maturity and for which stakeholders have expressed an interest in their operational introduction. Implementation Objectives address validated SESAR solutions and also account for some of the existing (EU) regulations in ATM.

The Implementation Objectives of the Master Plan Level 3 Plan 2019 were endorsed by the Provisional Council of EUROCONTROL in May 2019. This version of the document includes a more detailed references/mapping between existing Implementation Objectives and elements of the document 'A proposal for the future architecture of the European airspace',  SJU – 2019, also known as the ‘Airspace Architecture Study’..

The EUROCONTROL Provisional Council has endorsed the new and substantially changed Implementation Objectives of the Plan 2019 in May 2019. The full content of the draft European ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan is pending the approval by the SJU Administrative Board.

New objectives in Plan 2019

  • AOP15  Enhanced traffic situational awareness and airport safety nets for the vehicle drivers
  • AOP16  Guidance assistance through airfield ground lighting
  • AOP17  Provision/integration of departure planning information to NMOC
  • AOP18  Runway Status Lights (RWSL)
  • ATC19   Enhanced AMAN-DMAN integration
  • ATC20   Enhanced STCA with down-linked parameters via Mode S EHS
  • INF09    Digital Integrated briefing
  • NAV11  Implement precision approach procedures using GBAS CAT II/III based on GPS L1

Amended objectives in Plan 2019

  • ATC2.9  Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA) for TMAs
  • COM11.1 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in En-Route
  • COM11.2 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in Airport/Terminal
  • NAV03.1 RNAV 1 in TMA Operations
  • NAV03.2 RNP 1 in TMA Operations
  • NAV10  RNP Approach Procedures to instrument RWY
  • NAV12  ATS IFR Routes for Rotorcraft Operations

A ‘substantial change’ is a change that may affect the stakeholder's commitment to implement an objective (e.g. implementation deadline, technical/operational requirements, applicability area, etc.) and therefore requiring the highest level of consultation – EUROCONTROL technical working arrangements where relevant, Agency Advisory Board (AAB) and Provisional Council (PC).

One objective closed as ACHIEVED - According to LSSIP 2018 reports, implementation of FCM04.1 has been completed by 88% of the stakeholders in the area of applicability. This completion fulfills MPL3 Report implementation progress assessment criteria for declaring FCM04.1 “Achieved” at the end of the year 2018. Consequently, FCM04.1 is part of the Plan edition 2019.


European ATM Master Plan level 3 - implementation plan (2019)
Implementation Plan 2019 - engineering view – implementation objectives detailed description