European ATM Master Plan - implementation plan - level 3

This Implementation Plan, together with the Implementation Report, constitute the 'implementation view' or level 3 of the European ATM Master Plan (MP).

The Implementation Plan brings together and provides the framework for the commonly agreed actions to be taken by ECAC stakeholders, in the context of the implementation of SESAR. These actions are consolidated in the form of ‘Implementation Objectives’, addressing those elements in SESAR which have reached the necessary operational and technical maturity and for which stakeholders have expressed an interest in their operational introduction. Implementation objectives address validated SESAR solutions and also account for some of the existing (EU) regulations in ATM.

The Level 3 of the Master Plan addresses the deployment towards operational implementation, therefore focusing on the plans for 5 to 7 years ahead, as pictured below. In that, it takes full account of SESAR Solutions that have already reached maturity from an R&D perspective, as represented in the V3 phase of the European Operational Concept Validation Methodology (E-OCVM), are in the pipeline for industrialisation and have a standardisation work ongoing, if not yet completed.


The Level 3 Implementation Plan edition 2021 focuses on the CP1 Regulation (EU) 2021/116 and the content of the SESAR Deployment Programme (SDP), where the CP1 related Implementation Objectives mirror SDP families, avoiding any double reporting by stakeholders. Mainly because of its full alignment to SDP, the following necessary changes in implementation objectives are introduced in edition 2021:

  • 40 new implementation objectives (31 active and 9 initial);
  • 12 significantly changed implementation objectives;
  • 11 implementation objectives removed;
  • 2 implementation objectives achieved.

Description of the changes to these implementation objectives is available in the supporting Annex “Brief Summary of the changes to Implementation Objectives in Plan 2021”.

Technical annex

A Technical Annex, available for download below, consolidates the whole set of individual Engineering views of each Implementation objectives included in the European ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan edition 2021.

In addition to CP1/SDP alignment, MPL3 Plan edition 2021 highlights five (5) initial objectives (hence not monitored through the LSSIP), related to the following activities/SESAR Solutions currently in the industrialisation phase V4:

  • Wake turbulence separations (for arrivals) based on static aircraft characteristics;
  • Wake turbulence separations (for departures) based on static aircraft characteristics;
  • Minimum-pair separations on required surveillance performance (RSP);
  • Integrated runway sequence for full traffic optimisation at single- and multiple-runway airports;
  • Optimised use of runway configuration for multiple-runway airports.

The new and ‘substantially changed’ implementation objectives (a change affects the stakeholder's commitment to implement an objective, e.g. implementation deadline, technical/operational requirements, applicability area, etc.) require the highest level of consultation – EUROCONTROL technical working arrangements where relevant, NDTECH/NDOP and Provisional Council (PC).

Details of all implementation objectives, their Stakeholders Lines of Actions (SLoAs) and available supporting material will be published in a separate document, the “Technical Annex” to MPL3 Plan 2021. After the validation of the deliverable by the SJU, the EUROCONTROL PC will be consulted via the regular written procedure, from mid-August to end-September, bearing in mind the overall objective of ensuring that the next LSSIP cycle, based on the implementation objectives of the 2021 edition of the plan, can start as planned in October 2021.


Brief summary of the changes to Implementation Objectives in 2021 Plan
MPL3 Plan 2021 Technical Annex