European ATM Master Plan - implementation plan - level 3

The European ATM Master Plan Level 3 (MPL3) implementation plan provides the framework for the commonly agreed actions to be taken by ECAC stakeholders, in the context of the implementation of SESAR Programme.

These actions are consolidated in implementation objectives addressing elements in SESAR which have reached the necessary operational and technical maturity and for which stakeholders have expressed an interest in their operational introduction. They provide all civil and military implementing parties (ANSPs, Airport Operators, Airspace Users and Regulators) with a basis for short- to medium-term implementation planning.

This 2020 edition of the implementation plan focusses on the results of the SESAR 1 Programme. It highlights the contribution of each SESAR solution and implementation objective to capacity, operational efficiency, cost efficiency, safety, environment and security.

The plan integrates implementation objectives covering 20 SESAR solutions to ensure the adequate coverage of the PCP requirements in relation to the SESAR Deployment Manager’s (SDM) deployment programme families.

It also fully addresses the transition phase 1 of the Airspace Architecture Strategy up to 2025 through implementation objectives addressing 15 SESAR Solutions.

ATM MP L3 Plan 2020

This year’s plan substantially changes some implementation objectives, which may affect stakeholder commitment, but does not add new ones. It has been consulted through EUROCONTROL technical working arrangements where relevant and NDTECH/NDOP. It is pending EUROCONTROL Provisional Council (PC) endorsement.

The Master Plan Level 3 implementation Plan 2020 has been accepted by the SJU at the end of July 2020.

As annex to the plan, the engineering view document provides the whole set of individual engineering views of the objectives included in the European ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan Edition 2020.


The European ATM Master Plan is the main planning tool for setting the ATM priorities, ensuring that the SESAR target concept becomes a reality. It is an evolving roadmap and the result of collaboration between all ATM stakeholders.

The Master Plan provides a high-level view of what needs doing in order to deliver a high performing ATM system, while explaining why and by when. It sets the framework for the development activities performed by the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) and deployed by stakeholders in partnership with the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM).

The implementation view is the third level of the Master Plan structure, containing the Implementation Plan and Report fed by elements coming from reporting processes, such as the Local Single Sky Implementation (LSSIP). The MPL3 implementation report and Plan constitute the mechanism that enables the ECAC-wide implementation monitoring and planning of the Master Plan.


European ATM Master Plan level 3 - implementation plan (2020)
Annex to the European ATM Master Plan level 3 - implementation plan (2020) - Engineering view
European ATM Master Plan level 3 - implementation plan (2020) - comparison with 2019