European ATM Master Plan - implementation plan - level 3

The ATM Master Plan features three levels available on the European ATM portal. The Level 3, “Implementation view”, contains the Implementation Plan and the Implementation Report.

The Implementation Plan brings together the framework for the commonly agreed actions that ECAC+ Stakeholders should take in the context of the implementation of SESAR. In this respect, it addresses: 

  • V3 validated SESAR Solutions,
  • CP1 ATM Functionalities (AFs), based on Commission IR (EU) 2021/116 on Common Project One,
  • SESAR Baseline elements, validated or under deployment at the beginning of the SESAR Deployment phase,
  • SES and ICAO requirements.

Updated yearly, the Plan covers a short to medium-term horizon of around 5 years ahead. It is based on the ATM MP L1 and L2, the SESAR Deployment Programme (SDP), the Network Strategy Plan (NSP), and the SES Interoperability Regulations. In turn, the MPL3 Implementation Plan feeds the LSSIP+ monitoring mechanism as well as the reporting process through the yearly elaboration of the MPL3 Implementation Report.

The MPL3 Plan 2022 edition mirrors the content of the SESAR Deployment Programme (SDP) for what concerns the IR (EU) 2021/116 on the Common Project 1 (CP1). It also features the following changes in the Implementation Objectives:

  • 11 new (7 active and 4 initial),
  • 2 removed, replaced with 2 new active and 1 new initial,
  • 3 achieved.

Nine Implementation Objectives fully build on mature SESAR Solutions for which Stakeholders expressed their interest. The other two, instead, summarise the work at European level to address safety concerns in the areas of airspace infringements and runway excursions.

The ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan 2022 has been approved by SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) and endorsed by the Provisional Council (PC) of EUROCONTROL, in September 2022.

Technical annex

A Technical Annex consolidates the individual Engineering Views of each Implementation Objective included in the European ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan 2022.

Besides the few alignments to mirror the SESAR Deployment Programme updated in May 2022, the ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Plan 2022 features 11 new Implementation Objectives on the following topics:

  • Precision approach procedures using GBAS CAT II based on GAST C
  • Precision approach procedures using GBAS CAT II/III based on GPS L1 and/or GALILEO E1
  • Point Merge in complex TMA
  • De-icing Management Tool
  • Reduced separation based on local Runway Occupancy Time characterisation
  • Multiple Remote Tower Module
  • Air Traffic Services datalink using SatCom Class B (AKA Iris precursor)
  • Airspace Infringement risk reduction
  • Improve RWY safety by preventing RWY excursions
  • Enhanced Ground Weather Management System (GWMS) as local 4DWxCube
  • Cb-global capability and service

The Technical Annex is available for download on this page.


New Implementation Objectives in 2022 Plan
European ATM Master Plan 2022
ATM MPL3 ImplementationPlan 2022 Technical Annex v3