European Airspace Infringement Action Plan

Airspace infringement, often referred to by regulators as “unauthorised penetration of airspace”, is a major operational hazard created by the division of airspace into classes and structures and its joint use by different categories of users, often with competing objectives and different operational requirements and capabilities.

EUROCONTROL’s Safety Team launched the Airspace Infringement Safety Initiative at the beginning of 2006 and has been closely collaborating with airspace users, service providers, military and regulatory authorities including EASA, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency to improve coordinated actions and reduce the risk of aircraft entering airspace unauthorised.

The European Airspace Infringement Action Plan released in March 2022 by EUROCONTROL and CANSO lists a number of safety improvement measures to avoid airspace infringements. Between 2010 and 2021 there were 32,800 airspace infringements reported in the EASA Member States and the United Kingdom, a figure that underlines the vital importance of a joint Action Plan.

The document is available in a full version below and in booklets per domain on Skybrary, and is complemented by a list of implemented best practices by the contributing stakeholders.


European Action Plan for Airspace Infringement Reduction Risk - version 2.0