European Airspace Concept Handbook for PBN Implementation

This Handbook is published as supporting material to the ICAO PBN Airspace Workshops being rolled out in various world regions. Intended as a prompt, the Handbook provides generic guidance on how to develop the airspace elements of an Airspace Concept in the context of PBN.As such, it is primarily intended for airspace planners involved in PBN implementation in continental airspace – the anticipated arena of wide-spread PBN uptake.

Given the specific PBN context, the Handbook:

  • amplifies the airspace design elements of the Airspace Concept by focusing on ATS routes as well as arrival anddeparture routes from a PBN perspective (as enabled byRNP or RNAV specifications);
  • and plays down non-PBN elements of the airspace concept such as the design of airspace volumes (CTAs or airspace reservations); flexible use of airspace; special techniques (e.g. continuous descent operations); airspace classification or inter-centre letters of agreement which govern operations between centres.

This is a living document whose prime purpose is education and support to PBN Implementation. As such, this handbook will be updated on a needs basis.


Performance Based Navigation (PBN) applications