EUROCONTROL Standard Inputs for Economic Analyses

This document provides a set of standard inputs for data commonly used in economic and financial ATM-related analyses and appraisals. The standard inputs can save time in the development, for example, of cost-benefit analyses (CBAs) and economic impact assessments and will also help achieve greater consistency and comparability between different CBAs.

Despite the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to publish this new edition of the standard inputs as a valuable source of inputs for economic and cost-benefit analyses in aviation. The recommended values are often based on 2019 statistics and data which do not yet take account of the impact of the pandemic.


For this edition, the focus is on environmental values, a new value for airports, turn-around time, and the introduction of two values related to drones. Drones represent a highly complex and fast-moving market, which makes forecasting more difficult than legacy aviation sectors. Suggestions for improvement and collaboration are welcome.

What's new in Edition 9

In the new edition:

  • the values have been regrouped by stakeholder and key topic of interest;
  • all prices have been updated to 2019 euro values unless otherwise specified. The costs can be easily adjusted using the table of indices contained in the section “Conversions, inflation, cost of fuel and exchange rate” on page 4;
  • some values have been reviewed and replaced, namely turn-around time, all causes of delay, and statistics;
  • comparable historical data have been added;
  • two new values have been introduced - drone fleet and U-space related investments;
  • the value “cost of an ATFM slot swap” was removed;
  • whenever single values are contentious, a range of low, base and high values is given, allowing users of the data to conduct sensitivity analyses.

The standard inputs have been compiled from EUROCONTROL data and intelligence, from values provided by airspace users, ANSPs, airports, IATA, EASA and other organisations, and from other relevant documents which are publicly available.

They are average values and may not be appropriate in all circumstances. The document also gives details of the sources of information, and discusses the applicability and use of the values.

Download the full document to learn more.


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