EUROCONTROL Specification for A-SMGCS Services

This EUROCONTROL Specification describes the Services (Surveillance, Airport Safety Support, Routing and Guidance) and requirements of the Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) to support their implementation at an aerodrome.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with the EUROCAE document ED-87 Minimum Aviation System Performance Specification (MASPS) for A-SMGCS. The implementation of an A-SMGCS and its various services is a local decision based on the needs of an aerodrome and any national or regional mandates. This Specification contributes to the implementation of the essential requirements of the interoperability Regulation of the Single European Sky (SES) thereby providing a means of compliance.

This latest edition includes results coming from the SESAR 2020 programme which enhance the Airport Safety Support and Guidance Services, and updated appendices that provide a link to regulation requirements and an implementation conformance check list.  This document is also an essential enabler for the implementation of an A-SMGCS at an airport and supports the Pilot Common Project (PCP) CP1.

The preparation of this edition has been subject to formal public consultation, the consultation package is made available for reference.


EUROCONTROL Specification for A-SMGCS Services - Ed. 2.0
A-SMGCS Specification consultation package