EUROCONTROL Specification for On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI)

The Coordination and Transfer (COTR) implementing rule, which contains high level requirements, is complemented by the EUROCONTROL Specification on On-Line Data Interchange, EUROCONTROL-SPEC-0106.

    This specification presents the facilities and messages to be provided between FDPSs serving ATC units for the purpose of achieving:

    • the notification of flights
    • the co-ordination required prior to the transfer of flights from one unit to the next; the civil / military co-ordination
    • situational awareness; the transfer of communication of such flights
    • support to air-ground data link co-ordination between Area Control Centres and Oceanic Control Centres.

    This EUROCONTROL specification has been recognised as a Community specification (CS) after a positive opinion of the Single Sky Committee and after publication of the specification’s reference in the Official Journal of the European Union.

    EUROCONTROL working arrangement NETOPS agreed with the need to review/update the OLDI specification edition 4.2 and requested the EUROCONTROL Network Manager to establish a working group to undertake the necessary work within a limited timeframe.

    One of the tasks for this group was to assess the present level of compliance with the OLDI standard, using the available data (NOP, LSSIP, IDSG reports) and additional mechanism if required. In that respect, an OLDI deployment questionnaire has been developed and provided to all participating ANSPs on 21 January 2017.  The implementation report contains the main findings from the responses received as well as the recommendations for further actions/next steps.

    Consultation material

    OLDI messages can be exchanged in ADEXP (ATS Data Exchange Presentation) format as defined in the EUROCONTROL ADEXP Specification.  Amendments to the ADEXP Specification were also identified as part of the review of the OLDI Specification. As a result, this consultation addressed the amendments to both Specifications.


    EUROCONTROL Specification for On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI) - Ed. 4.3
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    Consultation material OLDI 4.3
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    OLDI Data Exchange Implementation Report 2017