EUROCONTROL Specification for Aeronautical Information Exchange (AIX)

This document is the EUROCONTROL Specification, developed under the EUROCONTROL Regulatory and Advisory Framework (ERAF), for Aeronautical Information Exchange  (AIX).

It enables the standardised encoding and the distribution in digital format of the aeronautical information/data that is in the scope of Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ)  Regulation (EU) 73/2010, developed in accordance with the interoperability Regulation in the framework of the Single European Sky (SES). The Specification also sets out the use of the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) complying with requirements listed in the document.

The use of the AIXM V5.1 is proposed in order to comply with the data set specification and data exchange format requirements of this Specification. The EUROCONTROL Guidelines - Use of AIXM 5.1 in relation to the AIX Specification, - provides evidence of compliance of AIXM 5.1 with the requirements of the AIX Specification. The Specification provides statements of compliance for AIXM V5.1 in relation to these requirements. However, this Specification does not exclude the use of other models (e.g. AIXM version 4.5) which could be demonstrated as being compliant with part or all of the AIX Specification requirements and with ADQ IR Articles 4 and 5.


EUROCONTROL Specification for Aeronautical Information Exchange (AIX) - Ed. 1.0