EUROCONTROL regional upper airspace charts (ERC) - August 2019

Our regional charts (ERC) are available in 13 areas over Europe in the lower airspace, but also upper airspace.

The source of the data used on the chart is EUROCONTROL's European AIS Database (EAD). We recommend that you download the pdf files locally to fully make use of the layers and functionality of the file.


ERC - 01/H Upper Chart (Morocco - Canary Islands North)
ERC - 02/H Upper Chart (Portugal - Spain)
ERC - 03/H Upper Chart (Italy - Malta - Tunisia)
ERC - 04/H Upper Chart (Greece - Western Turkey)
ERC - 05/H Upper Chart (Eastern Turkey - Azerbaijan)
ERC - 06/H Upper Chart (Central Europe - Ukraine)
ERC - 07/H Upper Chart (Italy - South/East Europe)
ERC - 08/H Upper Chart (France - Switzerland)
ERC - 09/H Upper Chart (Benelux - Germany - Poland)
ERC - 10/H Upper Chart (United Kingdom - Ireland)
ERC - 11/H Upper Chart (South Scandinavia - Baltic States)
ERC - 12/H Upper Chart (North Scandinavia - Iceland)
ERC - 13/H Upper Chart (Canary Islands South)