EUROCONTROL Products & Services Catalogue

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EUROCONTROL is a pan-European and civil-military organisation dedicated to supporting European aviation. Its expertise spans research, concept development, Europe-wide project implementation, operations and performance.

EUROCONTROL provides customised support to its Member States and stakeholders in accordance with the Support to States Policy approved its Permanent Commission and other relevant arrangements. It offers multiple products (tools, models, webinars, training and services) to support the work of aviation stakeholders in Europe, and also globally.

This document provides an overview of all the products & services offered by EUROCONTROL.

EUROCONTROL States1 can have free access to a wide range of these tools and services and are also entitled to obtain assistance under the conditions established in the Support to States Policy. In other cases, the products and services may be chargeable. Furthermore, not all stakeholders may have access to all the available tools and services.

In this catalogue reference is made to “beneficiaries” and “availability”. These terms are defined as:

  • Beneficiaries: suggested entities that could benefit from the services & products listed in this catalogue, or are already using them.
  • Availability: geographical regions in which the service or product can be made available. Certain services or products are, however, not available in all regions.

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1The 41 Member States plus Morocco and Israel as Comprehensive Agreement States and Iceland who is currently engaged in a transitional arrangement to become a full Member State.


EUROCONTROL Products & Services Catalogue