EUROCONTROL Guidelines for On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI)

These guidelines provide clarifications and best practices concerning the OLDI data exchanges for flights between air traffic control units by the use of electronic data transfer between flight data processing systems.

This edition of the guidelines is in direct support to the EUROCONTROL Specification for On-Line Data Interchange Edition 4.3. It includes implementation best practices and recommendations and OLDI Specification update proposals that have been prepared with operational stakeholders. The latter will be subject to wider consultation.


During the OLDI specification update cycle, the operational Stakeholders identified a need for additional OLDI implementation material to help clarify the provisions contained in the OLDI specification Edition 4.3. The need to produce the OLDI guidance material ( the potential content and tentative planning) was presented to NETOPS and it has been agreed that the OLDI group to be tasked to draft the OLDI guidance material within the 2017-2019 time frame.

The development of the OLDI guidance material started in December 2017. It should be noted that the OLDI group start the drafting of this document from very beginning as such type of guidance material was never produced.

Due to the complexity of issues to be addressed, It has been planned  to produce the first draft of OLDI GM by the beginning of 2019, aiming to finalise the development of the OLDI guidance material by the mid-2019.

The development of OLDI guidance material was organised as collaborative activity orchestrated by EUROCONTROL/NM with substantial contribution of Operational Stakeholders during the drafting and reviewing process. The distribution and sequencing for the development of the first draft the OLDI guidance material components has been agreed between EUROCONTROL NM and volunteering Operational Stakeholders.

This draft OLDI GM edition was agreed during the last OLDI group plenary session in February 2019. The OLDI guidance draft has been sent to NETOPS’s members for consultation mainly aiming to address the potential comments of ANSPs not part of OLDI group.


EUROCONTROL Guidelines for On-Line Data Interchange (OLDI)