EUROCONTROL contract regulations

The purpose of the present Contract Regulations is to lay down, pursuant to Articles 8 and 13 of Annex 1 (Statute of the Agency) to the amended Convention, the administrative and financial rules governing the Organisation’s operations in regard to contracts.

Article 3 of Annex 1 (Statute of the Agency) to the amended Convention grants the Director General considerable management independence with regard to the implementation, utilisation and efficient operation of technical, financial and personnel resources.

In all the operations covered by the present Regulations, appropriate action shall be taken to respect the principles of open and fair competition, transparency and equality of treatment of all suppliers/tenderers and to protect the financial interests of the Organisation.


EUROCONTROL Contract Regulations
Règlement des marchés EUROCONTROL
EUROCONTROL Data Protection Regulation
EUROCONTROL Personal data protection regulatory framework - Annex