EUROCONTROL Annual Report 2013

This is the EUROCONTROL annual report for 2013.

Foreword by Frank Brenner

2013 was a busy and exciting year. Following a stakeholder survey and several workshops, we have been asked to develop a Vision and Strategy document for EUROCONTROL leading us into the future. Part of this is the development of Centralised Services (CS) from a concept to a tangible programme. 2014 will see elements of the initiative going out to tender – demonstrating the benefits that will come from the introduction of a pan-European market for some ANS support services. The cost-benefit analyses show that, for the CS, central implementation and operation is more efficient than fragmented national/local implementation.

In our role as Network Manager significant advances were made during 2013, and it is clear that our work is highly valued, both by the air navigation service providers and also by the airspace users. Progress is continuing in 2014 with the Flight Efficiency Initiative, in which we are helping to reduce fuel burn, cut emissions and save money.
At the global level, the year saw significant steps being taken following the Air Navigation Conference at the end of 2012, in particular in the development of the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP). The importance of Europe speaking with a single, clear and well-informed voice has been demonstrated again and I am proud of the part that the  Agency has played in making this happen.

EUROCONTROL continues to support SESAR as the enabler for the modernisation of European ATM and our contribution to the ICAO GANP. All this is being achieved at the same time as we are continuing to reduce our own costs in real terms. The reduction in staff numbers is now showing real economic benefits, although it is also  presenting the Agency with challenges as we strive to prioritise our work in line with the needs of our stakeholders. We are committed to our Member States to achieve EU  cost-efficiency targets for Reference Periods 1-2 (2012-2019).

I would like to thank our partners, our stakeholders and, in particular, our staff for the support they have provided me in my first year as Director General. I am confident that the Agency will continue to demonstrate its value and contribution to European ATM.


EUROCONTROL Annual Report 2013