ESARR 2 - Reporting and Assessment of Safety Occurrences in ATM

ESARR 2 covers the implementation by States of an Occurrence Reporting and Assessment Scheme for Air Traffic Management (ATM) safety.

It defines a list of ATM-related occurrences which shall, as a minimum, be reported and assessed by States (Appendix A), the minimum appropriate safety data which shall be collated and reported to EUROCONTROL by States, expressed in terms of high-level safety indicators (Appendix B) and includes a glossary of terms with harmonised definitions (Appendix C).

HEIDI Taxonomy

The HEIDI (Harmonisation of European Incident Definitions Initiative for ATM) is a classification/organisation of safety-related keywords and concepts in the most appropriate manner to maximise and share their reliable and consistent use accross Europe. The current HEIDI version has been developed by EUROCONTROL with the support of Experts from 7 Member States in close cooperation with ICAO and the EC.


Reporting and Assessment of Safety Occurrences in ATM - ESARR 2
Consistency Between ESARR 2 and ICAO SARPs
Severity Classification Scheme for Safety Occurrences in ATM - EAM 2 / GUI 1
Publication and Confidentiality Policy - EAM 2 / GUI 2
Mapping between the EUROCONTROL Severity Classification Scheme & the ICAO AIRPROX Severity Scheme - EAM 2 / GUI 3
Explanatory Material on ESARR 2 Requirements
Guidance Material for Harmonisation of Safety Occurrence Severity and Risk Assessment
Summary of Mark Sheets
Quantative Mark Sheet
Qualitative Mark Sheet
RiskWizard - Software tool implementing Mark Sheets
Establishment of “Just Culture” Principles in ATM Safety Data Reporting and Assessment
ESARR 2 and Related Safety Oversight
Guidelines on the Systemic Occurrence Analysis Methodology (SOAM)
Annual Summary Template
Guidelines for the Completion of the Annual Summary Template
Aircraft Accidents/Incidents and ATM Contribution : Review and Analysis of Historical Data
Heidi taxonomy