En-route service units monitoring

Every month, we publish data related to the last monthly billing.

We also provide and update an online Service Units Dashboard to help States and airspace users analyse their monthly billing data. This dashboard contains various visualisations and tools for users to understand the monthly evolution of en-route service units across the year as well as a comparison with past plans.

Monthly follow-up of service units in 2024

Data are provided monthly for each of the EUROCONTROL charging zone, for the CRCO total and for ESRA02 (the EUROCONTROL 2002 Statistical Reference Area consisting of the 30 first charging zones). The tables and charts show total service units i.e. the sum of chargeable and exempted service units.

After each monthly billing, CRCO updates the monthly service unit figures recorded for the previous flight months of the current year in order to take account of additional flights billed and credited. This information is shown in column (1) of the table in the state-specific sheets in the "Monthly follow up" documents above. The corresponding service unit figures in the "Monthly follow up of service units" match the service unit figures as published on the dashboard.


Monthly follow-up of service Units CRCO total
Monthly follow-up of service Units ESRA02
Monthly follow-up of service Units All CRCO Charging zones
Chart 1 - SUs follow-up June 2024
Chart 2 - SUs follow-up 2024 after 6 months
Chart 3 - SUs actual June 2024 vs. forecast follow-up
Chart 4 - SUs year 2024 actual vs. forecast follow-up