Effects on the network of extra standby aircraft and Boeing 737 MAX grounding

Boeing 737 MAX

The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft has been grounded since mid-March and it is difficult to anticipate how long this will last. After seven months, the impact of the grounding, both operationally and financially, is significant for many in the aviation industry.

Our analysis suggests that even though airlines managed to find alternative aircraft to provide a large number of the flights originally planned in Europe, the 737 MAX had a substantial impact on the weaker growth of flights in the region this summer.

A resumption of flights in 2019 is looking diminishingly likely

As more deliveries are postponed, the effect of the grounding will increase and December growth could be reduced. On the flip side, a resumption of flights should lead to a small boost in growth, but the effect will not be instantaneous.

In this latest Aviation Intelligence Unit Think Paper, we look at the effects of extra standby aircraft and the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX on the network. Download the full paper to learn more.


Effects of 737 MAX grounding and extra hot stand-by on flight growth