Departure Planning Information (DPI) & Flight Update Message (FUM) implementation roadmap

The purpose of this document is to describe the implementation Road Map for DPI and FUM messages.

It describes the steps that need to be taken to validate the DPI and FUM messages before these can be taken into operations. The final step is taking the DPI/FUM into operations.

It applies to both CDM Airports and Advanced ATC TWR Airports. For CDM Airports the full process is applicable and for Advanced ATC TWR only the relevant parts (i.e. the parts related to A-DPI and C-DPI messages).

The NMOC and the Airport will have to plan and execute the DPI and FUM Operational evaluations in accordance with the steps that are described in this document.

This document also describes the DPI Validation Criteria. This is a set of measureable parameters that will determine if DPIs are ready to be put into operations.

The implementation details can be found in the DPI Implementation Guide (Doc Ref 3), the Flight Progress Messages document (Doc Ref 2) and the Advanced ATC TWR Implementation Guide (Doc Ref 4).


DPI & FUM Implementation Roadmap