EUROCONTROL Think Paper #3 - Cybersecurity in aviation

Being cyber secure is an illusion… let’s become cyber resilient all together!
An abstract representation of a data stream.

At a time when the average cost of a cyber attack is now estimated at $1 million the objective of "just" complying with new various cybersecurity regulations is now overcome by events.

Senior management, technical staff and system designers all need to move away from the illusion that their systems / services could manage / survive a cyber attack because "nothing" happened in the past. They face the risk of serious business or financial consequences (though safety may not always be impaired).

Our comprehensive penetration tests / ethical hacking on many ATM systems shows that most of them are vulnerable. Learn more about the cybersecurity threats we face and the actions you can take in our new Think Paper.


EUROCONTROL Think Paper #3 - Cybersecurity in aviation