COVID-19 Impact on EUROCONTROL Member States - Spain

Airplane with the Spanish flag on the tail

EUROCONTROL has released an authoritative factsheet on the impact of COVID-19 on aviation in Spain.

The briefing (available for download below) provides key facts and graphics and is one of a series covering the impact of the crisis on countries across Europe.

“The economy in Spain has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, with tourism impacted by a fall of around 880,000 flights when compared to 2019. Flights to/from/within Spain are currently 72% down on last year and the number of passengers is 70% down. Although we saw some recovery in the summer, traffic is again falling at present.”

The briefing includes information on airports, the major airlines, market segments and traffic flows, including:

  • Last week Madrid and Barcelona flights were 70% and 72% down on last year;
  • Ryanair/Vueling/Iberia were 71/65/72% down on 2019;
  • Domestic flights less affected (44% down).

Watch our animation on the impact of COVID-19 on flights to and from Spain and download our factsheet below.


COVID-19 Impact on EUROCONTROL Member States - Spain
Impacto de COVID-19 en los Estados miembros de EUROCONTROL - España