COVID-19 Impact on EUROCONTROL Member States - Ireland


EUROCONTROL has released an updated briefing on the impact of COVID-19 on aviation in Ireland.

The briefing (available for download below in English) provides key facts and graphics and is one of a series covering the impact of the crisis on countries across Europe.

It includes a specific country-level forecast, which shows that in the (most likely) Scenario 2, 2024 traffic in Ireland is expected to achieve 101% of the 2019 level.

More information on the recent forecasts produced by EUROCONTROL can be found here.

The briefing includes also information on airports, the major airlines, market segments and traffic flows, including:

  • Total flights lost since 1 March 2020: 282,000 flights;
  • Current flight status: 181 daily flights or -80% vs 2019 (7-day average);
  • Traffic forecast: 43% of 2019 in 2021 & 71% in 2022;
  • GDP: +2.6% in 2021 & +3.1% in 2022 (vs. previous year);
  • Busiest airport: Dublin with 136 average daily flights (-81% vs. 2019);
  • Busiest airline: Ryanair with 39 average daily flights (-88% vs. 2019).


COVID-19 Impact on EUROCONTROL Member States - Ireland