COVID-19 Impact on EUROCONTROL Airports - London/Heathrow

EUROCONTROL Airport Briefing - London/Heathrow
Banner of Heathrow airport factsheet

The latest in EUROCONTROL’s series of briefings on the impact of COVID-19 on Europe’s top airports focuses on London/Heathrow Airport.

The briefing (available for download below) provides key facts and graphics and is one of a series covering the impact of the crisis on major European airports.

It includes a specific airport-level traffic composition overview, which shows that traffic is much higher than in 2020 (+50%) but this is still relatively low compared to other European airports (-64% compared to 2019).

More information on the recent forecasts produced by EUROCONTROL can be found here.

The briefing includes also information on:

  • Total flights lost since 1 March 2020: 451,915 flights;
  • Current flight status: 496 daily flights or -64% vs 2019 (7-day average);
  • Busiest airline: British Airways with 217 average daily flights (-69% vs. 2019);
  • Busiest destination country: United States with 37 average daily flights (-66% vs. 2019);
  • Busiest destination airport: New York with 8 average daily flights (-58% vs. 2019);
  • Mostly international traffic (-54% vs 2019) with traditional scheduled airlines.


COVID-19 Impact on EUROCONTROL Airports - London/Heathrow