Consultation - Draft EUROCONTROL Specification for the Initial Flight Plan Edition 3.0

As required by the EUROCONTROL Regulatory and Advisory Framework (ERAF), this draft specification was submitted to formal stakeholder consultation until 3 November 2023 using the mechanisms of the EUROCONTROL Standards Development Process.

The formal consultation enables all states, stakeholders and interested parties to express their formal views on the draft EUROCONTROL Specification.

The draft edition 3.0 of the "EUROCONTROL Specification for the Initial Flight Plan" defines the procedures and requirements applicable to the provision, processing and distribution of flight plans in the pre-flight phase for flights departing from within the IFPS zone, or in the period preceding entry into the IFPS zone for other flights. This edition has been updated throughout to introduce FF-ICE release 1 (R1) filing services and procedures for establishing and maintaining the initial flight plan.

The draft Specification submitted to consultation and the Summary of Responses document can be found below.


Cover letter ESDP 23-003
EUROCONTROL IFPL Specification - Draft edition 3.0 for consultation
EUROCONTROL IFPL Specification - Summary of Responses