Common AIS staff profiling (CASP)

These guidelines for Common AIS staff profiling (CASP) result from the CASP project, part of the Management Improvement initiative of the AIS AHEAD Programme.

Staff Profiling builds upon task information to identify the knowledge, skills and experience (competencies) required for specific job roles. The task information is then further analysed to produce person specifications, job descriptions and to develop selection criteria and identify training needs.

Staff Profiling enables Competency Management which requires establishing typical competency inventory information, organisational data (job families, job titles, proficiency standards, employee names, job/role descriptions, individuals’ CVs, and job and assignment history), along with organisation policies, standards, roles, responsibilities, forms and procedures.

The challenge for the CASP project while addressing AIS/MAP and associated ARO functions was to produce generic guidelines that are applicable within any ECAC State AIS organisation.

The CASP guidelines are composed of this CASP document and its associated CASP Repository.

The CASP document gathers the results of the CASP Development Group (CASP-DG) work. It provides mappings of competencies with AIS/MAP work functions, explains the competency management processes, and enables the use and deployment of the CASP Repository. The CASP Repository, a Microsoft Excel database, holds at a functional, generic level the competency information that has been assembled, analysed and validated.

CASP was reviewed and updated in 2010 following the INFO06 Focus Group activity.


Common AIS staff profiling (CAPS)