Civil-military coordination - summary of contribution to SESAR programme in 2019

The military contribution to SESAR projects and activities is an important EUROCONTROL activity, performed in coordination with the military community and in particular with the Military engagement plan for SESAR (MEPS) experts participating in the EUROCONTROL working arrangements.

Civil-military coordination has to be considered as a transversal activity throughout the SESAR programme. This peculiarity is reflected in the air traffic management Master Plan (ATM MP), the European air traffic management architecture (EATMA) and its key elements such as ambitions, objectives and needs, regulatory and standardisation roadmap, business case and risk management. These key elements are the pillars, on which the future ATM system will need to be built with the participation of the entire ATM civil and military community.

The military community concurs with the SESAR programme bearing in mind the notions of Operational improvements, interoperability, information sharing, Collaborative Decision Making, performance equivalence, planning, modelling and architecting, as reference guidelines for the participation in the SESAR projects and activities. The outcomes ranging from leading the development of studies, developing and contributing to operational concept, technical specifications, requirements collections and validation activities, to amending Operational Improvements and those necessary changes (enablers) according to their levels of maturity. More generally all this activity impact the evolution of the EATMA as represented by the ATM MP different roadmaps.

MEPS and the military community experts concerned with SESAR 2020 programme will find in the document the summary of civil-military ATM coordination (CMC) expert’s contributions to the respective SESAR projects and solutions provided during 2019.

The summary is intended to maintain a stable and efficient exchange awareness of information among civil and military stakeholders on the modernisation of ATM systems connected with the European network.


Civil-military coordination - summary of contribution to SESAR programme in 2019