Civil-Military Cooperation Strategy

Civil-Military Cooperation Strategy - cover

EUROCONTROL has launched its new Civil-Military Cooperation Strategy, which explicitly positions the Agency’s civil-military and military-military support at a time when cooperation has never been more vital following Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

The new strategy will increase the focus of EUROCONTROL's civil-military cooperation on the accommodation of security and defence needs when working on flexible use of airspace (FUA), CNS optimisation, aviation sustainability, European ATM network performance and its future digitalisation and automation.

EUROCONTROL’s role is unique in this regard as it is a civil-military intergovernmental organisation, which provides, through its Civil-Military Cooperation Division, civil-military coordination and cooperation for the benefit of its Member States, stakeholders and relevant European and international organisations to ensure and enhance flight efficiency, airspace capacity and military mission effectiveness in a sustainable and secure aviation environment.


EUROCONTROL Civil-Military Cooperation Strategy