Civil-Military CNS Interoperability Roadmap

A key tool to ensure tomorrow’s ATM infrastructure is interoperable
Civil-military CNS interoperability roadmap cover
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EUROCONTROL’s Civil-Military CNS Interoperability Roadmap, which has just been published in a new edition, is an invaluable source of non-binding technical guidance for military authorities and other ATM stakeholders.

It is designed to help military authorities anticipate and align with future evolutions in civil aviation technology, and help them develop the most cost-efficient and mission-effective interoperable solutions – while at the same time allowing civil ATM planners to factor in military requirements into future infrastructure modernisation projects.

Edition 3.0, which was endorsed in October 2020 by the Members of the EUROCONTROL Military ATM Board (MAB), builds on previous editions approved by the MAB in 2013 and 2006. Over the years, the Roadmap has proven its value as a valuable repository of CNS (Communications, Navigation & Surveillance) technical information, including several proposed CNS technology migratory roadmaps and related interoperability recommendations. It is a comprehensive document that reflects extensive technical consultation efforts with a very broad range of military authorities, civil organisations and industry stakeholders.

The new edition brings the Roadmap up to date with the latest aviation technology trends (e.g. digitalisation, connectivity and automation), infrastructure developments and research results with the aim of fostering civil-military alignment with the latest ATM/CNS concepts. It proposes civil-military interoperability recommendations that States can use as inputs for their implementation decisions.

Among the core topics covered are Internet protocol interconnection between military systems and the future ATM network-centric environment, advanced satellite-based navigation and the introduction of performance-based navigation (PBN), air-ground data link and advanced 4D trajectory management capabilities for military aircraft, new separation modes and surveillance infrastructure evolution. The Roadmap also considers spectrum coordination, the development of civil-military standards, as well as certification, planning, procurement and security.


Civil-Military CNS Interoperability Roadmap
Civil-Military CNS Interoperability Roadmap - executive summary