Central route charging payment method and credit card form

The document provides a comprehensive view of the way airspace users can pay their route charges via bank transfer and via credit card, including a helpful credit card calendar and form.

The bills can be paid:

  • by bank transfer to any of the accounts shown on the bill. Do not pay on any other bank account: we do not communicate bank accounts by e-mail or other means.
  • by credit card  (at present, we only accept Visa and MasterCard).

In addition, you may receive credit notes and bills for interest on late payment, as well as Value Added Tax (VAT) invoices on behalf of those States where route charges are subject to VAT. Air navigation services made available by taxable providers in the charging zones of the EUROCONTROL Member States may be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). EUROCONTROL invoices VAT on behalf of the taxable service providers in accordance with the procedures agreed with the States concerned.

For more information about VAT applicable on the air navigation charges billed by EUROCONTROL, please refer to the latest Information Circulars.

The procedure to allow payment by Credit Card, the Credit Card Authority Form and the Credit Card Calendar can be downloaded below.


Payment method and credit card form for 2020