CCAMS User Manual

The purpose of this User Manual is to frame the support of the CCAMS operations and to explain all procedures applicable for CCAMS operations.

The Network Manager is planned to take over the responsibility for the assignment and management of SSR codes from as many as 16 European ANSPs (current planning).

The Centralised Code Assignment and Management System CCAMS will optimise the efficiency of European SSR code management by centrally selecting an SSR code for each flight within its area of applicability using an intelligent algorithm and distributing it to the appropriate ATS unit.

From a technical point of view the service will be provided through a central server managed by the Network Technical Systems (NTS) Unit and a corresponding functionality in participating local FDP systems.

From a procedural point of view the service will be provided from a dedicated CCAMS office which is located in the Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC).


CCAMS User Manual